modern wedding photography & videography captured with intention & passion for preserving these moments for a lifetime


Not just an every day wedding photographer.

Hi, I'm Justin! I'm your photographer & videographer of 12 years and over 600+ weddings. Being present with you through some of life's biggest moments is an irreplaceable experience for me that I cherish for years to follow every opportunity I am provided. Helping couples plan their perfect wedding day and then photographing it or capturing it on video to help them remember it for a lifetime to follow comes with a level of reward unmatched by any other career. Let's get to know each other and see how I can be an asset to your wedding journey.

purposeful planning of your wedding day and bringing the vision to life

This day isn't going to just magically be perfect on it's own.

My couples absolutely love our 1 on 1's because we create the perfect wedding day timeline together. Your day, your vision, my experience & educated calculations. Not only do we create the day you'd been hoping for but we are generally ahead of schedule at nearly every one of my weddings.

Wedding Video Elegance

Tasteful, timeless & tearworthy

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thoughtfully curated videography


Throughout the wedding day various audio recording devices are used in an attempt to capture all the best reactions. From first looks to vows and even the toasts. Every attempt is made to capture even these parts of your day.


Some people say that there is a time and place for good lighting. I believe good lighting can be had any time or place. So aside from having a thorough understanding of how to use natural light, gear capable of using dim light, I also bring my own light for those times that things need a little bump to get the right shot.


This day only happens once and unlike photos, videos do too. Because there are no retakes on the biggest moments of our lives I bring up to 5 cameras, 6 audio recorders, tons of batteries, SD cards and more. In addition to this most moments are recorded twice at the same time and later stored in multiple locations until delivery.

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