Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs

When booking your wedding photographer there are several factors to consider. To help with your selection process we have proactively answered some of the most popular questions couples asked when searching for their ideal photographer.

Q: What is your style of photography or videography?

A: Our style is warm, modern & timeless with a unique sense of character & tone. We celebrate a natural look while taming bold colors for an overall pleasing feel to last the ages.

Q: How much is your deposit and do you do payment plans?

A: Our deposit is just $400 and you are not required to stick to a specific payment plan.

Q: How many images should I expect for the wedding gallery?

A: A typical wedding day will yield 50-75 images per hour on average for the final gallery. Some will have more.

Q: How long before I will receive my wedding images?

A: We delivery a sneak peek gallery within 1 week (in most cases) and the remainder of the gallery generally within 8-10 weeks under normal circumstances.

Q: How long before I will receive my wedding video or videos?

A: Since the post production process is much lengthier for videography the delivery time for this is generally 12-18 weeks under normal circumstances.

Q: What is included in your photo edited process?

A: During the editing process we remove duplicates, misses, out-of-focus, or otherwise unusable images. Then we straighten, crop, color adjust and exposure correct all images before delivery.

Q: Do you do hair removals, smile corrections, skin retouching or other advanced editing as part of your packages?

A: No. These processes are not included in the price or package for wedding photography. They're very time consuming and sometimes not even possible. Special requests can be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: What's included in the highlight video?

A: The highlight video is a compilation of moments captured during the time of your coverage on the wedding day. Moments are filmed in short duration clips and those clips compiled in an artistic way and to the rhythm of the selected sound track for a timeless and elegant music video of your wedding day highlighted moments. Also included are vocals from either vows, the ceremony or toasts when possible. Not all wedding days have vocals relevant to telling the romantic love story of your wedding.

Q: Is the camera filming the entire time you are present as a videographer?

A: No. Moments are captured in short duration clips.

Q: Do you travel for weddings?

A: Yes! Destinations will be considered on a case by case scenario and fees will vary based on a number of factors.

Q: Does my package include an engagement session?

A: Some packages do include an engagement session. This is outlined on the investment page.

Q: Do you have associates who will photograph or video on your behalf?

A: Although we have offered associates in the past (and only in special circumstances) we generally no longer offer them. We do however have a great line-up of referrals to offer for those who inquire with us for dates we are already booked for. On a rare occasion an associate may be offered but only before booking has been completed.

Q: Can I give you a shot list of all of the specific shots on I want on my wedding day?

A: We unfortunately cannot work off of a shot list for the wedding day. This prohibits us from effectively photographing your wedding day as it happens in the way that it happens. Additionally it negatively impacts the wedding day schedule and ultimately creates a poor experience for both your photographer and the couple. What we do ask for is a family photo list for times where we are photographing family photos and we always invite couples to share wedding inspirational images or boards. This let's us better understand what kinds of things you favor as well as what your wedding day vision is. We can use these as references as we navigate the wedding day with you to help craft a gallery that is a mix of what we do as creatives and what you love as a couple.

Q: Do you post all of your weddings on social media?

A: I do not. I generally will not post a wedding that was captured by an associate. From there I try to carefully curate posts based on style, color, emotion & a number of other factors that are considered when marketing my services. Posting for us is as much about marketing as it is about connecting with current & future clients. Although we love every couple, family and client we get to work with, there is simply no way to share everything we do.