Portrait Photography FAQs

When booking your portrait photographer there are several factors to consider. To help with your selection process we have proactively answered some of the most popular questions couples asked when searching for their ideal photographer.

Q: What is your style of photography?

A: My style is warm, classic & timeless with a unique sense of character & tone. I celebrate a natural look while taming bold colors for an overall pleasing feel to last the ages.

Q: How much is your deposit and do you do payment plans?

A: My deposit is just 50% and the remainder due on the date of the portrait session.

Q: How many images should I expect for the gallery?

A: Average full session galleries are 50 images or more. Galleries are not limited.

Q: How long before I will receive my images?

A: Portrait session galleries are made ready within 2 weeks on average.

Q: What is included in your photo edited process?

A: During the editing process I remove duplicates, misses, out-of-focus, or otherwise unusable images. Then I straighten, crop, color adjust and exposure correct all images before delivery.

Q: Do you offer weekend appointments for portrait sessions?

A: I do not offer weekend options for portrait sessions. Weekends are reserved for weddings & family time.

Q: How cold is too cold for our outdoor portrait session?

A: Generally we want to consider anything colder than 45º too cold and reschedule for more desirable weather for a better outcome.

Q: Do you have indoor options for when the weather is bad outside?

A: I do! I have a downtown studio that I will offer for special circumstances.