I’ve always felt FAQs were one of the most helpful sections to read! You can learn a lot about important details, get answers to your own commonly asked questions and even find out some things you didn’t even realize you wanted to know!

How did you get into photography? Photography has stemmed from my interest in art from when I was young. Having spent most of my time in art class for oils, airbrush, screen printing, acrylics and illustration I found that being able to create something different was not only fun for me but a new challenge each time. The same thing is to be said about photography as each moment is a new challenge to create something new or tell a story a little differently than it has been told before. Only there’s not nearly as much to clean up when its all done!

Do you have a studio? I used to have a studio downtown in Wichita, KS several years ago. I found after having 2 different studios for roughly 3 years that I simply didn’t enjoy being boxed up. It was a fun place to hang out but I just didn’t enjoy working there so these days I spend all my shooting time on-location rather than at a fixed address. Someday I would like to have an office space though and still downtown as I love the vibe of the city and having my own place to meet people and talk about their big day!!

Is photography your full-time job? No. I have loved working for T-Mobile for over 16 years now and have no intentions of leaning fully onto photography or videography for my income. With a family of 6 we need all the help we can get! LOL!

How did you get into weddings? About 3 weeks after I bought my first camera ever my friend Michelle approached me and asked me to photograph her wedding. I told her she was crazy and tried to talk her out of it! She was persistent and I had about 6 months to learn how not to completely fail at this. So I spent the entire 6 months tagging along to other weddings, reading, learning my equipment and practicing techniques on friends & family members to help me prepare. The end result was a great wedding collection (for being my first) and its been full steam ahead ever since!

What kinds of things have you photographed? I have photographed weddings (Christian, Catholic, Pentecostal, Jewish, Lao, Vietnamese, gay and all of the above) corporate events, families, seniors, couples, boudoir, landscapes, real estate, newborns, cars, parades, maternity, headshots and more. Today I focus primarily on weddings, couples, young families & maternity.

What’s the largest wedding you’ve photographed? I would have to say one with a guest size of around 450 and the other with a wedding party size of about 20 (bridesmaids & groomsmen combined).

Where all have you photographed weddings? Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado & Nevada.

How much time is invested in each wedding couple? This is a tough one. For an 8 hour wedding day it would have to be around 30 hours of time invested. This is everything from time spent communicating, administrative tasks, photographing, editing, traveling and prepping equipment. It varies from couple to couple depending on their needs, location of their wedding and their package details.

How long does a completed wedding gallery take to deliver? I would love to say 2-3 weeks but as you can see I have a little more going on than most! Generally 8-10 weeks but in the busiest parts of the year it isn’t uncommon to reach 12 weeks. This is in line with the industry standard but I am always seeking ways to get galleries out faster.

What’s your favorite thing to eat or drink at a wedding? I can’t resist a good strawberry cupcake! I also always have a Dr. Pepper and I love BBQ, taco bars or just about anything from Blue Moon Caterers or Corporate Caterers!

What are your favorite venues to work at? I love barn venues like Stone Hill Barn or Grace Hill Barn, I love hotel banquet halls like at the Hyatt and I do also really enjoy our industrial themed venues like the Hudson, Distillery 244 and Brick & Mortar.

Do you use off-camera lighting? I do! I use this for both photo and video when working at the reception for dances, toasts and various other things. I prefer not to use this at any other part of the day if I have the choice.

What kinds of things can help make a wedding day easier for couples? Let me help you plan your wedding day timeline! Let’s keep it simple. It seems any time a couple plans their own its very complicated and even unachievable at times. Having the experience I have I am able to plan your wedding day with you in as little as 10-15 minutes and you end up with a simple and easy-to-read timeline that you can also share with guests, vendors, the wedding party and more! I will make sure our time is well spent together!

Have you ever missed a wedding or been late? No! As a matter of fact I am generally 30 minutes early or more just to allow myself time to fit into the groove of your day and ease into things. It makes everything so much more enjoyable!